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Drew Lloyd releases

From "Will You?" to "I Do.": A Groom's Tale of Survival

Available Now at Amazon for $14.95.

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About the Author:
Drew Lloyd is a long-time reader, first-time writer currently residing in Cincinnati, OH with his beautiful wife and two daughters. He is interested in not planning any more weddings. He experienced first-hand every aspect of wedding planning and has a very unique perspective on it.

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From the Back Cover:
I, Drew Lloyd, long-time reader, first-time writer, decided to propose marriage to my patiently waiting girlfriend. This was an excellent decision. Besides committing myself to the perfect woman (Christa, my lobster) for life, I also committed myself to "being involved" in the planning of our wedding. This decision was not as resoundingly brilliant.

From "Will You?" to "I Do." is the tale of how I survived The Knot's checklists, unending service provider sales pitches, being kidnapped by our feline, seemingly hallucinogenic cake tastings, unrelenting parental input, and numerous other obstacles to produce the greatest, merriment-to-dollar-spent, spectacle of love I have ever helped plan.

FYI: Wedding planning is not to be trifled with; Jason Bourne was subjected to less psychological torture and look how he turned out.

Praise for "Will You?" To "I Do.":
Amazon - 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Work, Hilarious - This is a hilariously funny book.
Amazon - 5.0 out of 5 stars A well written, witty book! I was riveted from beginning, all the way to the last page.

“I’m cracking up. From "Will You?" to "I Do." is so funny. I should probably stop reading it though; I am always complaining about how buried I am at work. Shoot. I want to go hide somewhere and read this.”  - Dominique R.

“67 pages in, it's embarrassing how many times I laughed out loud.  From "Will You?" to "I Do." is a definite gift for one of my buddies getting married this year.” – Todd N.

This book is targeted to those who enjoy humor and have been involved in a wedding, preferably one that had a few hitches on the way to completion.  Not that Drew Lloyd wishes that upon you, but the writing will put the reader into similar shoes.  If Drew Lloyd was forced to choose a demographic he would say 24-39 year-old women; the smart, beautiful, future-of-our-planet kind.  
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